Tuesday, June 28, 2011

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Monday, June 27, 2011


Today I want to talk about the importance of water! Water is so important for good health. If there was just one thing I could tell someone to improve there health it would be to drink more water! Why? Well because water is the single most important nutrient for our bodies. Water is involved in every function of our bodies! Did you know that you can only go about 5 days without water. It is that important! Here are some really cool facts about water that you should know:

1. Your body is about 70% water!
2. Your muscles are about 75% water!
3. Your brain cells are about 85% water!
4. Your bones are approximately 25% water!

You're probably saying to yourself, "Wow that is amazing!" and "Geez I didn't realize water was so crucial and important for me!"

I always am in shock when I see people drinking soda, energy drinks, juice, and other things when the very best liquid to drink is just plain old water! The fact is the average person just doesn't drink that much water. A lot of people don't like the taste of water. Some people never were taught or realized the importance of water. So many health problems that people have today like skin problems, headaches, depression, heart burn, arthritis, back pain, digestion problems, and on and on are most likely dehydrated! Water could be said to be a miracle cure and that is because it really is! Back in our ancestors days people would actually dig into the ground looking for water and if they found water they would name the well after there name and defend it with there very lives. That is how important water was for them to survive.

Here is some more facts about water that you may find really amazing!

A recognized physician, F. Batmanghelidj, MD, in his book titled Water for Health, For Healing, for Life, points out some of the benefits of maintaining your body properly hydrated:
1. Water is the main lubricant in the joint spaces and helps prevent arthritis and joint pain.
2. Water increases the efficiency of the immune system.
3. Water prevents clogging of the arteries in the heart and brain, and thus helps reduce the risk of heart attack and stroke.
4. Water is directly connected to brain function --it is needed for the efficient manufacture of neurotransmitters, including serotonin; it is needed for the production of hormones made by the brain, such as melatonin; it can prevent attention deficit disorder (ADD); and it improves our attention span!
5. Water helps prevent memory loss as we age, reducing the risk of degenerative diseases such as Alzheimer's disease, multiple sclerosis, Parkinson's disease, and Lou Gehrig's disease.
6. Water affects our appearance, making our skin smoother and giving it sparkling luster; it also reduces the effects of aging!

Some other things to realize and understand is that if your body doesn't get enough water everyday then whatever what your body get it goes to directly to the most important parts of your body which are your vital organs like the Brain, Heart, Lungs, Liver, and Kidneys first. That means that the other parts of your body (nonvital organs) may suffer such as the skin (acne and skin problems), gastrointestinal tract (GI), and joints! Usually you will see symptoms develop first in those parts of the body! This is why it is absolutely crucial to drink enough water everyday.

Now I want to talk about using water to keep you looking young for a really long time. Here are some facts about your skin.
1. Your skin is the largest organ of the body and weighs about sic pounds!
2. Your skin grows faster than any other organ.
3. Your skin is tough, flexible, and waterproof.
4. Your skin stores water, fat, and vitamin D.
5. Your skin protects the body from germs, heat, cold, and sunlight!
6. Your skin is replaced approximately every thirty days. This means that if you eat healthier the quality of your skin being replaced will be much healthier than it was 30 days ago! The question then becomes how much healthier will it be? It is up to you how healthy you wish your skin is to a large degree.

Water really is the best thing for your skin. No pill, cream, lotion, vitamin, or anything can give you healthy and vibrant looking skin like water can! In fact water keeps your skin supple, your eyes bright, and your body spry.

What happens when you remove water from plums? You get prunes!
What happens when you remove water from your skin? You get wrinkles!
When you get dehydrated your skin suffers. It can become dry, flaky, and wrinkled faster! Water therefore is very important for skin health. Babies have very nice skin because there body is so full of water and because there organs are basically brand new and haven't been bombarded year after year with toxins and an unhealthy lifestyle. That is just an easy observation anyone can notice.

Do you want to grow new brain cells? There is a lot of research showing that by drinking more water you can actually grow new brain cells. The human brain is roughly one-fiftieth of the total body weight, and brain cells are said to be approximately 85% water. The brain is also constantly active and so therefore you defiantly want to give it water. Your brain loves water!! Stop depriving it!!!

Of course there is so many other benefits of drinking water and it would take a huge endless book to cover it all, but I just wanted to give you the basic information of why water is so darn important!

As important as it is though to drink water we also have to consider the quality of water. Drinking from the tap is not a smart thing to do as it is loaded with chlorine (toxix poison), flouride (poison), drugs, and so many other dangerous things. Not to mention it taste awfully disgusting compared to clean purified and filtered water. So what is a person to do? Well the simplest and cheapest way I have found to have clean and healthy drinking water is to buy a Aquasana water filter. It is one of the best filters out there and it does a really impressive job at filtering your water. Go to these links and videos to learn more!!! These are videos of Mike Adams aka The Health Ranger interviewing Charles Strand, the founder and President of Aquasana!

Go check out aquasana at: http://www.aquasana.com/

I personally have the kitchen sink filter and the shower filter. Once you take a shower with the aquasana shower filter it will leave your skin so soft and healthy. Why? Because the filter removes the chlorine which dries out your skin.

Did you know that Chlorine is actually an Anti-Vitamin? Yes that's right folks its a anti vitamin! Chlorinated water can destroy nutrients your body needs: Vitamins A, B, C, and E, and fatty acids. Chronic skin conditions like acne, psoriasis, and eczema may clear up or improve by simply switching to unchlorinated drinking and shower water!

So now that we know the importance of drinking water and having good quality water lets talk about how much water you should actually drink. Basically the rule of thumb is that you want to drink half your body weight in water. So all you have to do is weigh yourself and divide that number by 2. So if you weigh 150lbs you divide that by 2 and you get 75. So you should drink 75ounces of water a day. There is 8ounces of water in 1 cup. So that comes out to be about 9 cups of water a day. This is fairly easy to drink and if your consuming a lot of fruits and vegetables like I always talk about then you will also get even more hydrated with the added benefit of all the nutrients.

So start drinking your water today! Your body wants it!!!

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Monday, May 2, 2011


Today I want to talk about aging. Most people associate aging with getting old and diseased. Well I have good news! The good news is that you can age gracefully free of diseases. I use to think that as I got older that I would look older, but all that has changed for me throughout the years. As I learned about the dangers of sugar, processed foods, rancid fats and oils, and the damage the sun can do to the skin I quickly made it my mission to cut those out of my life! I replaced all those bad things with good things. The good things being fresh whole foods like vegetables, fruits, nuts, seeds, super food products, and good clean water! I also made it a habit to protect my face from the sun by wearing a hat if I went outside. I also started using amazing regenerative oils on my face like rose hip seed oil, sea buck-thorn seed oil, coconut oil, and even extra-virgin olive oil! I even used a very expensive vitamin c serum called Camu C Serum by the Amazon Herb Co.! As I put all these things into practice everyday I started noticing several things happen with myself. I started to notice that my skin was healthier and had a fresher look to it. I noticed that my hair and nails grew faster. I noticed that my vision improved. I noticed I didn't feel as depressed. I noticed I could start remembering things much better. My brain started to work better! I also noticed that I started to get really fit. I was never really athletic or anything, but by making these changes in my life I started to notice abs in my stomach area! Many positive things started to happen to me! This drove me to continue with this experiment ever since and so far has produced amazing results for me. You might be thinking to yourself that is a lot of change and how could I possibly do all that? Well I believe that when someone really wants to make a change they will! Many people are sick and tired of being sick and tired. Lots of young people and even some old people are sick in tired of getting pimples. Lots of men don't wanna lose there hair. Many people will run to the store and try to find a quick fix , but unfortunately it isn't that simple. Many people will run to the doctor and think a pill will fix all there problems or maybe some new nutritional supplement. Well the good news is that you don't have to waste your money or your time anymore! You can make simple changes like I did and get the same results. Your results depend on how much effort your willing to put into it. You could start drinking several cups of green tea each day for all the amazing health benefits it has to offer or you could simple drink 1 cup a day. You could start swapping some of your breakfast cereals or pop tarts in the morning for freshly blended green smoothies! These small changes can make a huge impact on your health and well being. Over time your body will gradually want better and you will not even crave unhealthy things. This is true for many people! When you start putting all of these things into practice that i'm talking about you will come to learn as I did that aging doesn't mean having to get old and worn out. Aging can mean a regenerative and strengthening process! How? By learning about the things that cause you to age and then learning about the things that slow aging you can create a army of anti aging soldiers in your body. What are those soldiers? Those soldiers are all the amazing medicine found in natural whole foods from plant and animal kingdom! All those amazing antioxidants, phytonutrients, enzymes, vitamins, and minerals found in natural whole foods are our medicine! When you have more natural medicine in your diet and less of the aging things you will start to reverse the effects the bad things have had on you. Your skin will look younger because your supplying it with the resources it needs to regenerate. In fact our skin regenerates every 30-40 days and its quality is all dependent on the nutrition we give to the body. It is kind of like a builder building a house. If the builder has all the resources(workers) and tools at hand then he can build a strong house fast, but if he does not have extra workers helping him or the tools at his disposal the house will not be built as fast. So if you have all the supplies necessary at hand then you can certainly expect a greater degree of change at a much faster rate. As you continue with this strategy the body will be much healthier because its being built with all the necessary resources instead of things that break down the body like sugar, drugs, rancid oils and fats, etc. So what are you waiting for? Give the body the tools and resources it deserves today and watch your body regenerate for you! Remember you are worth it! Give yourself the best. ;-)

My New Blog!

Hello everyone and welcome to my new blog! In this blog you will learn all kinds of exciting things that I have learned over the past 10 years of my life. My purpose for this blog is to help educate people so they can feel empowered to take control of there health! In this blog you will learn about anti aging, herbs, how to fight hair loss, skin beauty, and on and on! I hope you all enjoy my new blog.