Monday, May 27, 2013

A Message To Vegan Mothers

 In this post I would like to address a very important point about being a vegan mother. As you know many mothers decide to become vegan for reasons of improving and preventing health problems. Many times when mothers decide to become vegan they are ignorant of making sure they are getting all of the necessary nutrients to be healthy as well as keep there children healthy. This is a sad and unfortunate thing as many children have been hurt or died. For example you can read of one such instance here:

This was really a result of being ignorant and careless about making sure that the mother and child were well fed and taken care of. Many times people will hear all the great benefits about adopting a vegan diet without giving any care for nutritional requirements. I would highly encourage all of you who read this to go over to: and read about the Health Concerns and Pregnancy, babies and children.

It always important to make sure that whatever anyone eats to make sure they take full responsibility for their health. All vegans should take care in making sure they are getting enough vitamin b12, vitamin a, long-chain omega-3 fatty acids, vitamin D, calcium, and zinc!

What I would like to say though is that many times people will use examples of what had happened to the death of a child under the care of a vegan parent to somehow associate the vegan diet with that of nutritional deficient children that are dying. This is simply not honest to health seekers out there. Just because one mother was ignorant and careless about making sure her and her child had enough nutrients and food does not automatically somehow make the vegan diet bad or unhealthy. This is simply a lie!

The truth of the matter is that a plant based diet and even low fat vegan diets have been used to reverse and cure disease. For example Dr Neal Barnard has used a low fat vegan diet to help people cure type 2 diabetes. Also at the Hippocrates Health Institute in Florida they use a raw vegan diet to help people cure cancer and many other degenerative disease.This is not possible if it was somehow detrimental to our health. The problem comes when people go to extremes or does not take care in making sure they are sufficiently fed and without depriving themselves of nutrients that are critical.

People and especially mothers need to be mindful of making sure they are well fed on a vegan diet and obtain all the nutrients necessary in order for them to be healthy and their children.

Thanks for reading,
Samuel aka adkpinecone

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